About Us

Floyd and Patricia HubbardFloyd Hubbard worked as a body man for many years before starting his own business in 1948. He first opened Westside Collision in old town Saginaw where he rented a couple of buildings from Herb Trippensee. After having to move a couple of times, he decided to build his own place here on Wayne Street in 1968. Floyd was also a father of nine, eight boys and one girl.

At some point in time all the sons worked for their dad learning how to repair cars. A lot of times that experience came from working on their own vehicles. Some went on to pursue their own careers but four of his sons did stay to work along side their dad.

Floyd's wife Patricia found herself working along side her husband until both retired in the 1980's. Floyd also had one very faithful employee, Wayne Fox, who worked for him for 42 years. Floyd and Pat are still living, married 70 years and are in their nineties.

Wallace HubbardWallace Hubbard, number five son, started working at Westside while in high school part-time. After high school he was drafted into the Army. When he returned from the Army in 1970 he began working full-time at Westside. He now has over 39 years of experiece.

Wally is a single dad and has raised two children on his own while working full-time.


Steve HubbardSteve is the youngest in the Hubbard Family, number 9 in the lineup. Steve started working part-time during high school and in 1980 became full-time. Steve is the manager and estimator along with being a body man. Steve weighs in with 29 years of experience.

Steve is also a husband and father of one. Steve has been exploring his creative side and is doing some wall hangings using a smoke technique that was popular in the fifties. he hopes to try sculpting and metal mobiles in the future.

Carol Carol is our office manager. She is the only girl in the group of nine kids. Number 8 in the lineup. She also worked part-time after high school and while in college answering phones and learning the ins and outs of how to run the office, order parts and keep the jobs flowing.

She became a dental assistant for a number of years before coming back to Westside in 1982 when her mom retired. She is married and has two grown boys.



Specializing in excellent body & paint work since 1948!